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                                                                                                                                                                                          I’ve been using Keratin hair straighteners on and off for the last four years and selling them for almost as long. In that time I’ve learned a few things and along with feedback from many of the professionals and ‘at-home’ users who have bought Zene Progress – Brazil’s favourite Keratin hair straightener – I’m going to start publishing the most useful here on the blog.

As usual, it’s a work in progress and I’ll be adding new tips as I get them. That means I need a bit of help, so if you a satisfied customer, or even if you use a different brand of Brazilian Blowout, I want to hear from you. Especially if you’ve come up with something yourself that helps improve the fabulous results of Keratin straightening.

Without further ado…

Before Treatment

Salt-Free Option

Use a shampoo that is salt (sodium) free. This is really important as any kind of salt will create a crusty barrier preventing your hair absorbing the Keratin. Of course the kind of specialist anti-residual shampoos we sell on the site work exceptionally well, but you can easily replace them with products like Johnsons Baby Shampoo. The secret is salt-free, and if you restrict your search to regular products you may be surprised how difficult it can be, even though salt is basically not that good for hair.

Pre Escova Boosting Rub Throughs

These are a brand new type of product which work on two levels. They’re a great daily fudge style rub trough designed to prevent the kind of frizz caused by humid environments and rain. But their other great strength is as a pre treatment for the Brazilian Blowout.

How does it work? Well these products – like NovEx Blindagemoffer a mega dose of Keratin softening and opening up individual hair shafts to create a more receptive base for keratin straighteners to work on.

During Treatment

Considera Cap!

Sounds a bit old school, but over here in Brazil ‘thermal caps’, also known as conditioning caps are all the rage. Worn for the duration of many Keratin based conditioners, such as Brazil Blowout, Cauterization and Hydration (both deep conditioning and rebuilding products by the way), they help absorption by preventing hair drying out and maintaining a humid atmosphere. We’ll be adding these thermal caps to the online store in the next few months, stay tuned for more info.

Stop Smoking

Go easy with products like Zene Progress and the other Brazilian Blowout products   available for home use. Keratin and the other ingredients in these straightening treatments are powerful and you don’t need to use a lot for a single application. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that a single 470ml bottle of the product we sell over at, is enough for between 4 and 6 applications.

Of course, it’s important to ensure your entire head is well coated, but during the comb-out stage do be thorough and get rid of as much excess Keratin as possible. That way you’ll be vapour free.

Watch the Clock

I know it can be tempting to think a few more minutes will improve results, but when you’re using any Keratin straightening product, it’s very important to stick exactly within the time frame as directed by the supplier.

Stay Straightening

The straightening phase of treatment is very important. It locks the Keratin into your hair and activates the de-frizzing action of Brazilian Blowout. So be very thorough and don’t rush. Pass the straighteners over each section of hair very slowly and repeat four or five times, allowing the hair to cool a little before each pass. And remember to set your straighteners to their hottest setting.

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  1. i have been using the escova since last fall and i really like it. my only feeling is that i’m not getting long lasting results and i still have quite a bit of wave/curl in my nape area. son’t get me wrong, though… my frizz iz really under control even when i just simply air dry. this could never happen ‘pre-escova’. so i’ve tried experimenting. when i get out of the shower i run a “PEA” size amout of the escova progress in my hair. i layer it with my regular styling products and i’m loving the way my hair finishes. i do this only when i blow dry and use my iron. so silky and shiny. what do you think?

    Comment by lisa | March 19, 2010 | Reply

    • Nice idea Lisa.
      Why did I never think of that before???
      Given it a couple of tries tho and I must admit it does add a real shine.

      Here in Brazil a new product called Blindagem made by Novex (You can see it at the Braz Fab store) does pretty much the same job I think.

      Since your comment I asked a couple of friends and several use different Keratin products including conditioners and finalising creams as daily comb-throughs too…

      You use a pea sized amount before brushing your hair in the morning. It’s a frizz tamer and shine adder too.

      Comment by brazfab | April 15, 2010 | Reply

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