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Your Keratin Questions Answered

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Here are a few common questions I get asked about Brazilian Keratin hair straightening.

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Can I use Brazilian Keratin Treatments at home?

Absolutely Yes. Of course it depends which product you choose, especially as many contain a harmful chemical called Formaldehyde. These products should be avoided at all costs – whether at home or in a salon.
But the good news is, that new treatments are coming onto the market all the time and many are perfectly safe to use by yourself. One example is Zene Progress, by Niasi. It’s a professional quality product, rich in Keratin and nutrients, which is applied in much the same way as any deep conditioning treatment.

Expect to take around two hours for a single treatment, including time to wash your hair, apply the Keratin, dry and straighten.

Ignore what the professionals may tell you about Brazilian BlowOut, you do not need to be qualified to use many Keratin straighteners at home and no special equipment is required. Just a hair dryer, electric straighteners and a pair of rubber gloves.

How do I use Escova Progressiva?

First the hair is first washed, ideally with a clarifying shampoo, which opens up the cuticles. The hair is then divided into sections, and the product applied evenly all over. The hair is left for a short period (usually 15-20 minutes) before being dried and straightened with electric irons. This final step serves to seal in the Keratin, locking it into the hair.

Earlier treatments required you to wait three days before rinsing out the Keratin, but the latest versions only need 48 hours to work their magic.

Should I use special shampoos and conditioners with Brazilian Keratin treatments?

The best shampoos and products to use are those without sodium chloride (salt) and sulphates of any kind. They’re quite easy to find, and don’t cost much more than normal products. You can see a range of complimentary treatments for Keratin straighteners on my website.

What is Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

It’s a relatively new product which leaves your hair with that ‘fresh from the salon’ look. It works by sealing Keratin into your hair leaving it looking shiny and straight. It’s also known by the following names:

●    Escova Progressiva
●    Escova Progress
●    Keratin straightening
●    Brazilian BlowOut
●    BKT
●    BKST
●    Brazilian Straightening, and many many more.

How long does the Brazilian BlowOut work for?

It has to be stressed that Keratin is not a permanent treatment.
The first application usually lasts around 3 months. With successive use this builds up to four months
Personally speaking, I’ve been using Escova Progressiva for almost two years and my hair seems to be permanently straight these days. I still use the product every two or three months, but it’s because I swim in the sea most days, and I love the look and feel of my hair after treatment.

In short, with successive washes the Keratin will eventually wash out and your hair return to its previous state. The more you wash your hair the quicker it will fade.

Will sea water or swimming pools damage my hair after BKT?

When you swim in the sea or at a pool normally you may notice your hair feels drier afterwards. That’s because the sodium in salt water, and used to keep pools clean, leaches naturally occurring Keratin from your hair. It’s exactly the same when you use a Keratin straightener, the abrasive elements of the water speed up the removal of Keratin.
If you want to swim I suggest using complimentary Keratin products like shampoos, conditioners and masks or simply wearing a swimming cap.

How will my hair look after Keratin straightening?

Brazilian Straightening doesn’t just tame curls and frizz. It also leaves your hair looking shinier and more healthy. Actually the Keratin works like a very deep conditioner, and makes hair softer and more manageable. All the popular treatments contain various nutrients which help nourish and condition the hair, which is why it looks so good after treatment and not just straighter.

How much should I pay for Brazilian straightening?

Well, this is a tricky one. In salons I’ve heard of stylists charging up to $1000 for a single treatment. In London, where I was earlier this year, I saw several salons offering Keratin treatments for between £150 and £300. So the answer is that the cost varies as much as it does for a cut and blow dry… It just depends on the stylist you choose.

How do I wash my hair after a Keratin treatment?

To begin with you shouldn’t! Not for a couple of days anyway. The more you wash your hair the quicker the effects of Keratin will fade. To lessen the leaching effect of successive washes I suggest a shampoo containing no sodium chloride (salt).

After I have applied a Keratin straightener is there anything I can do to improve the result?

Yes there is. For a start, if you notice any kinks in your hair, maybe the morning after using it, use a hair-dryer and brush, or your straighteners to get it back in check.
You may want to wear a scarf with your hair pulled back straight when you go to bed.

My hair is heavily damaged, will it fall out if I have a Brazilian Keratin treatment?

No. If your has been damaged from excessive dyeing, bleaching or chemical straightening, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement after using Keratin. In fact, these products actually work better on heavily treated hair. If your locks feel like straw, you’ll be amazed at the difference, seriously. I’m speaking as a life long bleacher and straightening addict.

How is the Brazilian method different to other treatments like Japanese or Yuko?

Most hair straighteners work by permanently altering the structure of hair through the application of harsh chemicals. These remain on the hair for the rest of its life, whereas Keratin is a natural product, which leaves the hair flexible with a more natural look and feel. As it’s not permanent, with time hair returns to its natural state.
How long should I wait before washing my hair after I use a Keratin straightener?

This depends on the Keratin straightening product you use. With Zene Progress – the leading brand of Formaldehyde-free hair straightener in Brazil – you only need to wait 48 hours, but others require you to wait as long as 3 days before rinsing off the product.

Will using complimentary Keratin products really help prolong the effects of using Escova Progressiva?

Yes. Products like the BioExtratus QueraVit range of shampoos and conditioners protect and nourish the hair, holding in existing Keratin and prolonging a soft, shiny and more manageable appearance.

What should I avoid after using a Brazilian hair straightener?

There are a few things you should avoid in the 48 hours after applying BKT. They include:
●    Using hair clips or pins
●    Wearing your hair in a ponytail
●    Hair sprays, gels, mouses or conditioners
●    Sweating or excessive exercise
●    Washing your hair
●    Using a hair band
●    Wearing sun glasses to hold your hair back

Once you have rinsed the Keratin from your hair you can do pretty much anything you want with it and you’ll find its more manageable, softer and shinier – exactly the opposite of other chemical hair straighteners.

I’ve heard that Brazilian Keratin can be dangerous. What’s the truth?

The simple truth is that many Keratin hair straighteners use a potentially dangerous chemical called Formaldehyde. Or at least they used to.
In Brazil, the use of Formaldehyde was made illegal in over the counter hair treatments almost two years ago. Way ahead of America, where many of the current products on the market still contain Formaldehyde (or one of its many potentially hazardous derivatives).
The secret is always to check that the product you are about to buy, or that your stylist is about to use, is 100% Formaldehyde Free, especially if you are in the States or Europe.
But don’t panic. A growing number of products, like Zene Progress for example, are completely safe and the amount is rising as companies develop new formulas and ways of holding Keratin in the correct solution, but I’ll save you from the science here.
But always check that the product you use Formaldehyde free.

Can you explain what the link is with Formaldehyde?

Until relatively recently Formaldehyde was used as a bonding agent for holding Keratin in your hair. However Formaldehyde is a highly potent chemical and has been linked with respitory problems and cancer. Although the concentrations used in the old chemical hair straighteners was quite small, stylists in particular were at some risk from continued use, even if there clients were not.

Following a public outcry in Brazil, where this treatment was originally developed, companies began working on new formulas which did not contain Formaldehyde. Now I really do hate to plug a product I sell, but Zene Progress quickly established itself as the brand leader. Using alcohol not Formaldehyde, this treatment produced the same fabulous results without the danger of previous formulations.

Can I use Brazilian Keratin Treatments more frequently than suggested?

Yes you can. Keratin is completely harmless and you’ll benefit from the straightening and conditioning effects of Escova Progressiva every time you use it. Rather like a very deep conditioner. I swim a lot in the sea, and when I began using keratin straightener I was giving myself a treatment every month. It’s also one of the reasons applying Keratin straightener yourself is so good, because it’s so much cheaper than doing to a salon.

Will I get my curls back after using Escova Progressiva?

Yes. As the Keratin fades and gets washed out your hair will gradually return to its original condition. If you were curly before your locks will return.

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  1. I got my BKT washed out on Sunday. I like the results but my hair is too thin looking. Is there a way I can make it look thicker? Should I just blow dry it after washing it and don’t use a flat iron?

    Comment by renee | October 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Renee,
      Thanks for your message.
      As you say, I’d suggest washing and using a blow dry finish once or twice and you should notice the volume of your hair returning.
      Maybe next time don’t work up such a straight finish and you’ll probably find your hair is left with more body.

      Let me know if you have any more questions about Brazilian Blow Out, I’ll be happy to answer.


      Comment by brazfab | October 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Renee,
      Now that you’ve applied the Keratin you are free to do whatever you like with your hair.
      Blowdrying your hair will bring back the volume and once it’s returned you’ll find it stays too.

      Let me know how you get on…
      Speak soon, Bella

      Comment by brazfab | October 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. WOW! This product made my hair look brand new. For the last four years I have been having my hair straightened with Bio Ionic. My hair looked fried and awful. This product restored my hair back to a healthy shiny state. I have been getting so many compliments on how great my hair looks. Also the fact that I can do this myself instead of paying someone six hundred dollars every six months is awesome. Finally a product that does everything it promises to do! Thank you!

    Comment by janice | October 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. My hair does look healthier and blow drying is much easier. I let my hair air dry to see what it would look like. It was as curly as ever. Is there a reason my hair is not going straight? Could I be doing something wrong?

    Comment by janice | November 22, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi J.
      Keratin straighteners are a progressive treatment, so with continued use you should find the results work better on your hair, doing more to releive you of your curls…

      Keep me posted, I’m pretty sure you’ll find things get better with time.

      Comment by brazfab | March 4, 2010 | Reply

  4. Good afternoon

    I would like to congratulate on you such an amazing product, I cannot stop raving about it. I have long straight hair, that is also very fine and frizzes like mad in London’s humid weather. I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted over the years on products that promise to stop the frizz, until I found BKT. At first I was really hesitant to use BKT as my hair is in really good condition and did not want to spoil it, any way tried BKT and as you explain, it DOES stop the frizz and has made my hair look even more straight and beautiful, the next application will be my third in approx. four months, and find it waorks better and better each time I use it. Thank you sooooo.. much for bringing this fantastic product to us.

    PS I have given some to friends so they too can experience BKT too.

    Lots of love from London

    Comment by Linda Nash | December 9, 2009 | Reply

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