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Understanding and Detangling Autumn Frizz

With autumn well underway in Europe and the States I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me if the latest Brazilian Keratin hair straighteners can help girls who don’t necessarily want ultra straight hair, just to tame the annoying frizz that accompanies the season’s humid conditions.

Cauterização Capilar

Detangling autumn frizz needn't be that hard

Well while the answer is a resounding yes, and I’d love to be seeing more sales of our fabulously glam Keratin products, there are a number of cheaper, and somewhat simpler solutions to hand which could save you both time and money…

First, let me give you a brief overview of how and why our hair frizzes up in the first place. You see, all but the most naturally straight hair has numerous twists and kinks in it, and every hair follicle has countless small cracks running along its shaft. As the air becomes more moist water particles penetrate these cracks and kinks, as well as permeating through the ends of your hair, especially if they are damaged. Couple these elements with the fact that the more naturallycurly your hair is the drier it will be and you’ll find that no matter what you do, autumn causes your hair to become course, frizzy and less manageable.

Well the good news is, that with a little extra care and attention you may not need any new or expensive treatments to repel the misery of autumn hair frizz. Without further ado, here are a few things that work for me.

  • Get your hair trimmed once every 4 weeks or so. Even if it’s just a few centimetres off this will help stop split ends running up your hair and reduce the amount of moisture that penetrates in from the top
  • Try not to wash and blow dry your hair as often, it strips out the natural oils and moisture that protect your hair
  • Use moisturising shampoos. Even high street brands will help keep your hair silky
  • The same goes for conditioners and you could consider a monthly deep conditioning, or hydrating product such as the NovEx range of hair food
  • When you do blow dry, use a towel first to get rid of as much water as possible. I know there are new hair towels available that are designed just for this, but if you ask me they’re not worth the money. Anyway, towel first means less hot air and that’s a good thing, especially if you’re prone to frizz
  • Finally, after washing and when you’re blow drying, use a large rounded brush and be forceful. That’s right girls, go in hard and you’ll find your hair dries straighter and is less likely to go wild as soon as you step out the door

If you’re still struggling after all that, I’d suggest you opt for products like the QueraVit range from BioExtratus, which you can see on the site, or high end deep conditioning products containing ingredients like Keratin and Silicon, which have a proven track record of holding back the frizz.

Science class over. Any questions, feel free to fire away.

Until then… Love from the beach (which coincidently is a bitch for making my hair frizzy)


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