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A New Hope for Damaged Hair…

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If you’re hair’s been frazzled by years of abuse, help is at hand…

Cauterização – Brazil’s brand new must-have Keratin hair repair treatment

Cauterização - Brazil's latest must-have hair repair treatment

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about cauterization yet. It’s red hot and set to be Brazil’s must-have hair product of 2010. I’ve struggled to find anything online in English so far, but I expect that will change very soon. So for now let me tell you that cauterização, as it’s called in Brazil, is a brand new process designed to repair and rebuild even the most damaged and weakened hair.

Developed in upmarket salons and rapidly taken on by the big names in Brazilian hair products, hair cauterization combines hair reconstruction with deep conditioning to repair and rebuild dry or frizzy hair, hair that is naturally weak or has been subjected to years of abuse from electric straighteners, bleaching, dyeing and perming.

I’ve seen a couple of these products in action on friends, and I have to say, the results are profound to say the least!

I’m going to be posting full reviews and How To’s on a couple of these deep conditioning Cauterização treatments soon, so stay tuned for more…

KeraMax Pro Cauterização

Until then, this is what everybody with dry, brittle or damaged hair needs to know about Cauterização.

All of these products involve the application of several products before a slow drying of the hair, locks in a semi-permanent dose of deep conditioning nutrition. (One or two of them also require electric straightening irons for the last bit)  The entire process is repeated weekly for between 2 and 6 weeks and the final result lasts at least two months, much longer if you use salt-free shampoos and conditioners with Keratin.

Keratin is a big part of the cauterização effect and works with other ingrdients such as Silicone, Creatin and Royal Jelly – one of nature’s richest substances – to seal each hair with an impermeable water and pollution proof layer, locking in nourishment to restore gloss and shine.

Cauterização is basically a very deep penetrating hydration treatment with the power to seal the cracks and faults that cause frizzy hair and make it look dry. It’s perfect for hair that’s suffered from years of chemical treatments, electric straightening of excessive colouring, providing instant shine and softness.

I’ll be posting full reviews of two of the better known brands of Cauterização in the next few weeks, but if you can’t wait for some serious DIY hair repair, you can see more of them at Brazil Fabulous, our new online store packed with Brazilian hair goodies.

Did I mention the online store already? It’s all my own work!

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