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Tuesday 6th April

Hottest new styles for summer 2010… Looks like it’s gonna be a scorcher! Grab a sneek preview here

Tuesday 23rd March

I love these quickk guides. This time it’s how to use your electric straighteners safely, without damaging your hair. Find out how here…

Wednesday 4th March

At last! It’s official. Keratin straightening products from Brazil DO NOT contain Formaldehyde. Still don’t believe me? See the Brazilian Government’s ruling here…

Tuesday 23rd February

I love this site. Beauty questions answered by scientists not fashion journos. This time it’s the dangers of using harsh chemical hair straighteners… (One more reason why Brazilian Blowout is it girls) Here’s the chemistry lesson

Tuesday 2nd February

An excellent walk thru guide to getting the most from Keratin shampoos and conditioners, including drying tips and step by step instructions. Unless you use them properly, Keratin conditioners are little better than products costing a fraction of the price. If you’re gonna do it, you may as well do it right, right? Find out here…

Wednesday 20th January

7 fabulous tips on fighting split ends and keeping them at bay. Of course, the best way to protect and nourish damaged hair is with a Brazilian Blowout, but check out these handy hints, for some sound and reliable advice.

Wednesday 6th January

A rare thing of beauty. Not only do BioExtratus make the most luxurious hair products on the planet, their ad campaigns are pretty fabulous too… Psychedelia meets the salon here.

Thursday 24th December

It’s official! DIY hairstyling is all the rage and the salons are suffering. Tight budgets and the recession mean more of us are doing it ourselves… even in L.A. Read this for some Christmas cheer.

Thursday 10th December

Sounds like an April Fool but it’s true… Australian scientists claim pills could be produced to make our hair straight. See the full story here.

Monday 23rd Nov

Details of a fascinating report by researchers at L’Oreal which explains why curly hair curls and why Keratin unlocks frizz and de-programmes your hair’s existing shape without damaging. Here’s the science…

Friday Nov 20th

OK, so we all have our own individual techniques for drying hair, but this walk-through guide made me change a couple of things I’ve been doing for years, with very noticeable results. Read and watch a definitive guide to drying your hair straight here.

Wednesday Nov 18th

I ought to open a celebs gallery on this blog… Nicole Kidman becomes the latest A-Lister to sport Brazilian Blowout hair. See the pics of her arriving at the recent American Music Awards with pint size lover boy Keith Urban.

Friday Nov 13th

Unlucky for some… But not for anyone smart enough to have to be using the latest Formaldehyde-free Keratin hair straigheners. Did you know that Escova Progressiva is officially the greenest way to keep your hair straight. Time for an eco Brazilian Blowout!

Wednesday Nov 11th

Great article on natural ways to keep your hair straight. No egg yolks or vinegar, just a few simple tips and tricks. Grab a little insider info  now…

Monday Nov 9th

Stephany Pratt, start of MTV’s The Hill becomes the latest celeb to confess to using Escova Progressiva to keep her hair straight, manageable and frizz-free. Read her revealing interview about teenage acne, chaotic hair and a difficult childhood here.

Thursday Nov 5th

When big name hair product manufacturers go bad!!! A very disturbing reports on major problems with a new hair straighetening product from company who really should know better… Scorched scalp anyone?

Monday Nov 2nd

This is a great site featuring high definition pics of all the latest cuts worn by celeb A-Listers like Britney, Eva, Tara etc etc… Inspiration for your new look is just a click away…

Thursday Oct 29


I love practical luxury that does stuff and I’ve found something amazing over at my friend ‘’. Take a peek at this revolutionary new head towel/wrap/hood thingy. Click here to see the first item on my Chrsitmas wish list.

Monday Oct 26

Still using electric straighteners every day?  Check out what this hair expert recommends if you’re a daily user and help protect your hair and keep it in tip top condition. Free hair maintenance tips from a pro by clicking here…

Wednesday Oct 21

Here’s some great advice for keeping your hair straight on the fly. Find out how to keep away the frizz without a blowdryer or electric straighteners, and NO, it’s not a flashy new treatment. Pick up a few hair straightening secrets here…

Monday Oct 19

Serious repair product for damaged hair. At last a chance to start again   with this incredible development in hair rebuilding. Seriously, check this out. Use Google Translate to get the full skinny on this story. A new  hope for damaged and weakened hair is here

Friday Oct 16

The dangers of traditional products made for black hair and hair straightening in general. This is well worth a look and I’m sure you’ll be as surprised and shocked as I was when you see the list… Reality check here

Thursday Oct 15

Here’s a novel way for stylists and smart young things to look good and raise money for something close to all our hearts. Support them and maybe do it yourself here

Monday Oct 12

Wow. Could this be the ultimate hair brush. We may never need electric straighteners again. See it here first

Friday Oct 9

Celebrity Stylist Michael Boychuck predicts what’s going to be this winter’s hottest hair trend.  Find out here

Thursday Oct 8

With hair trends leaning toward the slightly unfussy, who better to flaunt the BoHo look than Twilight star Kristen Stewart. One commentator describes the new look as ‘Polished not Perfect’.  See the pics

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