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Time saving hair straightening tips now open

I’m starting to compile another question and answer section for the blog. This time on general hair straightening advice. To start I want to do a little research myself, rather than use some rather flaky figures I found online.

Take a second to answer the question below, and you’ll be helping me get a true figure for the amount of time we really spend on straightening our hair every day.

Thanks a lot for your help, and don’t forget the Keratin Care Clinic is already up and running, and I’m just working on a first revision to the page, with loads of new questions I’ve received since launching it last week.


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Free Online Keratin Hair Straightening Clinic

keratin hair clininc 2

Got a problem with Brazilian hair straightening?

Need more Keratin info?

I’ve just launched a new page on the blog to help everybody in search of more info about Brazilian Keratin hair straightener. It’s in response to the many emails I’ve had from women (and men) desperate to beat the rush and stay ahead of the pack, with the very latest Keratin products, long before they appear in the shops.

Head over to the clinic for free answers to all your Keratin straightening questions, to start threads on your own experience and tips for maxxing out this fabulous hair straightening product or to ask me questions about Brazilian hair and beauty.

I decided to make this page to help the many people who contact me because they have issues with this radical straightening treatment – and I’ll keep updated with a selection of questions I reply to via the website and here on the blog. I’ll do my best to answer new posts within 24 hours – absolutely free of charge!

Why not head over there now, and join in the fun?

See you @ the clinic…

PS. Still not following me on Twitter? Catch my KeraTweets here.


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DIY Keratin Hair Straighteners

It’s true that I spend an obscene amount of my working life researching and writing about hair products, and that I really do have an obsession with trying out the latest Brazilian hair straighteners, shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils the moment they hit the market. But it’s only because they’re so darned good.

So my almost encylopedic knowldege of these self indulgent delights means I’ve tried out more than my fair share of Brazilain Keratin Straighteners, over the last two years. Since I’ve been in Brazil these leave-in Keratin conditioners have come a long way and the latest chemical-free hair straighteners are far safer than older treatments, which contained the dreaded Formaldehyde, and most are incredibly easy to use.

Obviously, I won’t try and insult your intelligence by pretending that I don’t have something to sell here, but whether you buy my Brazilian keratin, or another of the products you can easily purchase online, the thing that’s stopping more frizzed out gals trying this fab new treatment is that heaps of you think it’s either too expensive to have done in a salon, or too difficult to do yourself.

Well today I’m busting one of those myths. Because it’s really, really easy… seriously.

For anyone who’s been put off trying a Keratin straightening treatment for themselves because you need a degree in science and a team of stylists to get great results, think again.

Admittedly applying Keratin straighteners at home is more fun with a friend, but really all you need is a mirror and a quiet evening. Most of the new Brazilian straighteners only have to be left in for 48 hours, as opposed to 72 with the older formulas, so it’s ideal to use at the weekend.

Incidently, if you’re thinking about buying a Keratin hair straightener which needs to be left for 72 hours it probably contains Formaldehyde. That’s not my sales hype, it’s the truth, so you have been warned 😮

In a nutshell, a DIY Keratin straightening treatment, at home, by yourself will take between an hour and a half and two hours. It’s a heck of a lot easier than using a relaxer, bleaching or home perming and it’s a lot more satisfying, because it actually works as well as it claims to.

I’m still comparing notes on how the various products on the market are applied, but so far they all seem to be pretty much the same. Next time I’ll be bringing you (near) universal instructions on applying the most popular keratin straighteners, giving you a chance to decide for yourself if it’s really worth all the bother. (which it absolutey is by the way)

In the meantime, how about a bit of blatant publicity?

I’m such a fan of Brazilian keratin hair straighteners, that I began selling it online. I even made the website myself. Now the choice of products here is ferocious, it really is. So there are dozens of brands on offer and I could have chosen whichever one I liked.

For me there was no choice.  Zene Progress is the smart girl’s weapon of choice in the battle against frizzy hair. It’s used in just about every salon in Brazil and at home by millions because it’s so easy to apply.

OK. Stay tuned, more coming and thanks for reading.

Love from the beach, BB

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The Ultimate HangOver Cure

Good news readers! The ultimate hang over cure is now available everywhere.


I was originally going to use this post to talk about the latest Embelleze Novex range of hair products including a brand new treatment for bumping up the effects of Keratin Hair Straighteners.

But guess what? Brazil being Brazil, the launch has been delayed and I haven’t received my review pack yet.

So I’m going to share another Brazilian secret with you…

ENGOV. It’s the ultimate hangover cure.

It’s something we use over here to halt the effects of a night out and it really works. Don’t ask me what’s in it, I just know that one before your first drink and another at the end of the night guarantees you’ll feel nothing in the morning.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but Engov is truly amazing and it’s saved me more times than I can remember.

I’ll be back in a few days hopefully, with more hair and beauty tips from Brazil

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No need for ‘gloopy’ hair with Keratin straightener

No need for gloopy hair with Brazilian hair straightener

No need for gloopy hair with Brazilian hair straightener

So there are some questions that I get asked repeatedly – by both professional stylists who work with Keratin hair straighteners all the time and independent women using Brazilian Escova Progressiva at home every few months.

One of the most frequent things people ask is ‘Why does my hair feel so gloopy in the two days I’m waiting for the Keratin treatment to take?’

The simple answer is it doesn’t have to be, you’ve left too much on. I’m really writing this so I can direct the curious to this blog, instead or sending the same answer again and again.

Here’s how you can apply keratin hair straightener, without having to hide away at home for the weekend.

First thing to do is make sure your hair is still damp. Towel dried is best so don’t use your drier at this point. Next seperate your hair symmetrically into 4 to 8 sections, depending on thickness. Now apply your Keratin hair straightener – ideally with a small brush (a toothbrush works just dandy).

Sit back, and get ready for the important bit. After 15 minutes take a fine tooth comb (and this is the bit that will really stop your hair feeling ‘gloopy’ for the next two days), comb out as much of the product as possible and discard.

You see the problem is, lots of girls think that because they’ve spent all that cash on an exciting new, under the radar product like Brazilian hair straightener, the last thing they should do is wash it down the sink.

But don’t worry, as long as all your hair has the lightest of keratin coatings the magic is there! You are just 48 hours away from ultra smooth, super sleek and ultra straight hair.

Anymore questions, you know which beach I’m on.

Tchau for

PS. Complete instructions on applying Keratin hair straightener on the website here.

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My funny old week

escova progressiva keratin hair straightener brazilian hair straightener (5)

So I promised this blog wouldn’t just be about hair straightening, cos that’s really boring and already takes up way too much of people’s time.

Now I want to write about what a topsy turvy life it is, an an under the radar hair and beauty supplier to smart girls in the know.

I spend more and more of my time reading and replying to emails from the website (www, these days (hubby does the tricky stuff like visit suppliers, go to the couriers and deal with the paperwork, although I do, of course, still find time for the occasional launch party and social event).

It’s part of my job to answer questions and take the flack when things fuck up, but the last three weeks have been terrible. I’ve been sent angry email after angry email from my exclusive clinet list, claiming their regular orders haven’t been getting through and products have not been arriving.

For a week or so I batted them all off with the old ‘give it a couple more days’, but by last week things were looking bad and I had to call my man at the post office. He’s pretty high up, and has this wonderful way of smoothing out any export or shipping problems we have with larger customers and high profile salons trying to keep a low profile. But his services come at a price – in this case lunch at one of the city’s newest (and most expensive) seafood restaurants on the seafront.

To cut a long story short, we’ve had a postal strike in Brasil. It lasted three weeks and unknown to the thousands of postmen and women protesting on the streets of Rio and Sao Paulo, its effects have been felt among the smart sets of London, LA, Paris and New York.

Fortunately, my man hooked me up with a new deal and now, thanks to just one hefty lunch bill, we’ll be shipping in just 5 to 7 days.

If you still haven’t heard of Escova Progressiva, by the way, you can find out more about this sensational Keratin conditioner that really does straighten your hair and leave it in fantastic condition, you can learn more by following this link to our site.

Until next time…

I’m off to the beach again. xxx

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Caring for your hair after Keratin Straightening

Products like the new QuraVit range from BioExtatus have been developed specifically for hair that has been treated with Keratin products like Escova Progressiva

Products like the new QuraVit range from BioExtatus have been developed specifically for hair that has been treated with Keratin products like Escova Progressiva

Using the new breed of chemical hair straighteners may produce fabulous results, but their application is just the first step.

There are plenty of Keratin enriched products coming on to the market which don’t just make your hair more receptive to products like Escova Progressiva, they also help prolong the fantastic results and keep your hair smooth and straight as well as preventing it drying out.

There’s no shortage of fine new products being released in Brazil, like the new QueraVit range made by natural beauty experts BioExtratus. Using ingredients like Pomegranate, Chocolate, Cocoa and Coffee, these shampoos, conditioners and masks work to protect against the damaging effects of things like sunlight, salt and pollution.

Typically post Keratin shampoos continue adding to elasticity and durability, protecting the hair and sealing damaged strands. This makes shampoos like QueraVit Pos ideal for other, harsher straightening treatments which can dry out the hair giving the familiar straw like appearance associated with products like, well it would be wrong to name names, but I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve tried them.

Some post keratin shampoos are designed for frequent use on a daily basis, delivering small amounts of nourishment, while others which are intended only for weekly use, provide a larger dose and it’s these that work best if your hair is dry, brittle and damaged.

All post Keratin shampoos will really help if your hair has been subjected to years of abuse, whether it’s through straightening, colouring or bleaching. (If you worry your hair is thinning from all the damage these come highly recommended)

Post keratin conditioners, on the other hand, have been developed to protect your hair and retain the effects of thr treatments you use. Most work in the same way as QueraVit’s Emulcao Condicionar, loading hair with an infusion of Keratin to seal and hydrate, preveting tangle.

These Keratin conditioning products are made for occasional use and deliver spectacular results, unravelling and moisturising. Using a Finalising conditioner, on the day you wash off Keratin straighteners like Escova Progressiva, is ideal for anyine who is exposed to sunlight on a regular basis, love swimming or will be exposed to excess humidity. (Perfect if you going on holiday, visit the gym every day or work outside)

QueraVit’s Finalizador is enriched with Macadamia and Vitamin B5 to fend off damaging UV rays and airborne salts and grime. Makes hair easy to control and works well on any kind of hair prior to using electric straighteners, guaranteeing shine and resistance.

And there are other Keratin products too…

Finishing oils, masks and rinses work in much the same way, and coat your hair with an invisible layer of Keratin that isn’t greasy, doesn’t smell and adds shine to treated hair, giving a glossy polished finish.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have about QueraVit keratin treatments like the ones I’ve just mentioned, or any others you may have discovered.

Just let me know. Until then, I’ll be by the beach…


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What is Escova Progressiva & what makes it so darned good?

If it's good enough for them...

If it's good enough for them...

So I get sent this question a lot, from visitors to my site, and it’s ‘What is Escova Progressiva & what makes it so much better than other hair straighteners?’

Obviously I’ve developed a kind of stock answer to this question and I’ve reprinted it below, just in case you’d like to know too.

Of course I love to chat, so if you’re still not sure about anything, please feel free to drop me a line… Sometimes it gets lonely down here by the beach.

Here goes, these are a few of the things that distinguish Escova Progressiva from products like IHR and the Yuko Japanese method…

* Escova Progress is kinder on your hair – improving its condition by adding Keratin the natural protein of hair (a bit like Nanomax). This treatment restores hair resiliency: humidity, rain or sweat will no longer affect the hairstyle. No more frizzy hair

* It’s not Permanent. The result fades progressively with every wash. With other permanent systems the previously straightened hair does not need to be treated again, with this system the treatment is, as the name implies, progressive.

* It has to be used more frequently than harsher treatments to maintain the effect (Every 2-3 months, as opposed to 8-12 for Japanese methods).

* It’s a much quicker process to apply than other products. Between 1 and 3 hours depending on the length of hair and the thickness.

* Escova Progressiva is cheaper than a full Permanent Hair Straightening System.

* Unlike Permanent Straightening Systems, Escova Progress can be used on all hair, including chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached).

Everyone can benefit no matter how damaged your hair. And the system will improve your hair’s condition and strength, no matter what state it’s in.

my wists | clone this

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The Truth about Formaldehyde in Brazilian Hair Straightener

OK. Straight to the point. In this rant I’m gonna be sounding off and giving you the skinny on Formaldehyde in Brazilian Keratin Hair Straighteners. So here I go.

The bottom line is, all the hair big European & American companies are desperate to get products this good on the market themselves, but because it’s taking them so long to get right, and the stuff they’re producing is so darned lousy, it’s in their interest to spread this rumour and keep the good stuff out, while expecting us to buy second rate keratin products that just don’t do what they claim.

How do I know? Well I have two good reasons which back up what I say.

Fistly, consider this. In Brazil, the place where keratin hair straightener originally comes from, the use of Formaldehyde was outlawed in hair products more than three years ago. Now you may think of Brazil as a developing country, or third world or whatever, but as somebody who spends a lot of time here, I can tell you that it has a very organised and efficient infrastructure. The companies who make hair products here are not back street chemists filling bottles with poison, they’re well run multi national companies selling huge quantities of conditioners, shampoos, masks and more potions and serums than you could possibly imagine (believe me).

Companies like Niasi, who make Brazil’s most popular salon-quality Keratin hair straightener Zene Escova Progress, aren’t in the business of poisoning people. They’re one of the largest firms in South America and their hair products are used by every woman who can afford them here. The outrage would be financial suicide for them. As it goes, Niasi’s hair straightening products are actually at the forefront of the latest straightening techniques and you’re more likely to find rare coffee extracts in their hair straightener, than harmful chemicals…

Now, unfortunately, countries like the USA have no such prohibition on the use of Formaldehyde. In America you can put pretty much what you like in a hair straightener and sell it without telling a soul what it contains. Now, I’m not really having a dig at the States here, it’s just that when you look around (and I have looked around, trust me) you see that most of these Formaldehyde stories begin life in America.

Which brings me to my next point. Without exception Formaldehyde scare stories only ever get written by professional hair and beauty journalists. Don’t believe me? Try typing ‘Formaldehyde, Keratin hair’ into Google and see what you get. Not too many user reviews, blogs or unbiased websites produce these stories.

Almost wothout exception the scary articles come from well known fashionistas on the freebie roll of the big beauty companies. You certainly won’t find too many bloggers telling their readers to lay off  the Keratin. And if there really was a problem wouldn’t you be hearing about it from Brazil? With 150 million online and more than 200,00 hair and beauty sites or blogs in the country, you might expect a couple of them to have picked up on it by now. The same goes for the hundreds of magazines aimed at trendy young women. Don’t you think one brave editor, or ambitious young hack, would have exposed Brazil’s secret plot to kill off woman-kind with deadly chemicals.

The truth is, over here we love our Keratin Hair Straightener and we’ll happily keep secrets like Escova Progressiva to ourselves if you’re not smart enough to see thru the hype.

Sorry if I bored any of you with this post, but I think it’s an important point that hair professionals and anyone who wants to have straight hair, will have been interested in.

I’m heading to Brazil’s chicest beach paradise for a long weekend, so expect something a little more fabulous next time…

Ciao xxx

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Maxx out your Keratin hair straightening treatment…

OK to prove I’m not just trying to sell stuff here, I’m going to divulge my own personal secret to getting really excellent results from using Keratin hair straightener at home, without buying some of the specialist clarifying shampoos I sell on the site.

The secret? It’s baby simple, quite literally. You see instead of paying out heaps for a shampoo that deep cleanses your hair, and clears out nasty stuff like city grime – all without the addition of sodium chloride and residual foaming agents.

(Stop me if I’m getting too technical. Or maybe let me know if you want me to be more technical, I know my stuff here )

Anyway, long and the short of it. When you’re using a product like Zene Escova Progress (which of course I would mention, as it’s the one I sell. But it’s also by far the best – really) and you need to get your hair as clean as possible without the usual chemical tricks that shampoos usually employ…

Go for a baby shampoo! Yep, a baby shampoo. The best is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Gentle, kind, non-foaming and sodium-free. Best of all, it’s about a quarter of the price of  the stuff I sell on the site. (which is excellent by the way, and 100% natural)

We’ve also heard of customers using other baby shampoos, but we think Johnson’s is probably your best bet. Unfortunately, we’re yet to find any products as good for using on your hair once its been treated with any chemical hair straightener than the rest of our Keratin Care Products which you can find by following that link you just passed.

So there’s my first post, I do hope it was of some use, to someone somewhere, and that also I wasn’t too heavy on the sales crap… Let me know if you found the blatant plugs too much. I’ll happily pull them, but you never know, somebody actually may want to buy Escova Progressiva.

Ciao for Now, BrazFab

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