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Cash strapped girls give the salon a miss this party season

escovahomeSoI read on the website of the LA Times that salons and stylists have had their worst holiday season ever.

I can’t say I’m surprised. 2009 has seen an explosion in DIY, at-home hair treatments like the new Escova Progressiva or Brazilian Blowout products. Most are now so easy to use it’s hardly worth paying a professional to do little more than applying a deep conditioner.

Apparently more of us are deciding to skip our annual trip to the salon this Christma, preferring to go it alone.  It’s certainly something we’ve noticed at the company I run, exporting high end Brazilian hair and beauty products, such as Escova Progressiva – the original Brazilian Blowout.

While we’re still sending larger orders to professionals (mainly in America and Europe) the number of women buying a single bottle of Keratin hair straightener lept up during November and the first half of December. It must be because more of us are taking the plunge and styling at home.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everybody



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