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Got a problem with Brazilian hair straightening?

Need more Keratin info?

I’ve just launched a new page on the blog to help everybody in search of more info about Brazilian Keratin hair straightener. It’s in response to the many emails I’ve had from women (and men) desperate to beat the rush and stay ahead of the pack, with the very latest Keratin products, long before they appear in the shops.

Head over to the clinic for free answers to all your Keratin straightening questions, to start threads on your own experience and tips for maxxing out this fabulous hair straightening product or to ask me questions about Brazilian hair and beauty.

I decided to make this page to help the many people who contact me because they have issues with this radical straightening treatment – and I’ll keep updated with a selection of questions I reply to via the website and here on the blog. I’ll do my best to answer new posts within 24 hours – absolutely free of charge!

Why not head over there now, and join in the fun?

See you @ the clinic…

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  1. hi
    cant wait 2 get hold of my order as 1 of my clients had this blowdry treatment done whilst abroad and hers looks fab
    so have looked into lots of sites and going to give your a try
    any idea on how much liquid is necessary for long/short hair
    is it going to be difficult for clients to swim in sea or chlorine pools-as ssome reading matter says using sodium based s/poss can strip the keratin out of the hair
    also some sites try to make u buy their hairstraighteners as they say u need to use over 120 heat
    anything else!!!

    Comment by tina stanfield | September 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for your question Paul,
      We usually work on between 4 and 6 applications from a single 470ml bottle of Zene Progress.
      That’s around 4oz per treatment. My hair’s just below the shoulder and I’ve got 7 treatments from the last bottle I used, but that said, I’m a bit of an addict to Keratin and my hair is loaded with the stuff, so I don’t need to use that much these days…

      As for swimming, both chlorinated pools and the sea have a destructive effect on the hair, stripping the naturally occuring Keratin from each strand. The same happens when using a Keratin-based hair straightener, the leaching effect of the harsh water is just not good for hair, regardless of what you put in it.

      To combat this I suggest using a Keratin-based shampoo and/or conditioning treatment before and after. If you’re a regular swimmer try Frequent Use products designed for the job. Failing that use the mildest products you can. (Try Johnsons Baby Shampoo if you have nothing else)

      So the answer is, Yes your clients can still swim, but it will quicken up the cycle and results will fade faster than the usual 3-4 months.

      Now finally, using straighteners. You don’t need a partciular brand, but as you mention, anything below 120 will not seal in the Keratin effectively. The elctric irons are primarily used at this point to lock-in the product, not just create a straight finish.

      The very best of luck with using Zene Progress, I hope you and your clients are very happy with it. Be sure to let me know how it goes.


      Comment by brazfab | September 24, 2009 | Reply

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