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No need for ‘gloopy’ hair with Keratin straightener

No need for gloopy hair with Brazilian hair straightener

No need for gloopy hair with Brazilian hair straightener

So there are some questions that I get asked repeatedly – by both professional stylists who work with Keratin hair straighteners all the time and independent women using Brazilian Escova Progressiva at home every few months.

One of the most frequent things people ask is ‘Why does my hair feel so gloopy in the two days I’m waiting for the Keratin treatment to take?’

The simple answer is it doesn’t have to be, you’ve left too much on. I’m really writing this so I can direct the curious to this blog, instead or sending the same answer again and again.

Here’s how you can apply keratin hair straightener, without having to hide away at home for the weekend.

First thing to do is make sure your hair is still damp. Towel dried is best so don’t use your drier at this point. Next seperate your hair symmetrically into 4 to 8 sections, depending on thickness. Now apply your Keratin hair straightener – ideally with a small brush (a toothbrush works just dandy).

Sit back, and get ready for the important bit. After 15 minutes take a fine tooth comb (and this is the bit that will really stop your hair feeling ‘gloopy’ for the next two days), comb out as much of the product as possible and discard.

You see the problem is, lots of girls think that because they’ve spent all that cash on an exciting new, under the radar product like Brazilian hair straightener, the last thing they should do is wash it down the sink.

But don’t worry, as long as all your hair has the lightest of keratin coatings the magic is there! You are just 48 hours away from ultra smooth, super sleek and ultra straight hair.

Anymore questions, you know which beach I’m on.

Tchau for

PS. Complete instructions on applying Keratin hair straightener on the website here.


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