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My funny old week

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So I promised this blog wouldn’t just be about hair straightening, cos that’s really boring and already takes up way too much of people’s time.

Now I want to write about what a topsy turvy life it is, an an under the radar hair and beauty supplier to smart girls in the know.

I spend more and more of my time reading and replying to emails from the website (www, these days (hubby does the tricky stuff like visit suppliers, go to the couriers and deal with the paperwork, although I do, of course, still find time for the occasional launch party and social event).

It’s part of my job to answer questions and take the flack when things fuck up, but the last three weeks have been terrible. I’ve been sent angry email after angry email from my exclusive clinet list, claiming their regular orders haven’t been getting through and products have not been arriving.

For a week or so I batted them all off with the old ‘give it a couple more days’, but by last week things were looking bad and I had to call my man at the post office. He’s pretty high up, and has this wonderful way of smoothing out any export or shipping problems we have with larger customers and high profile salons trying to keep a low profile. But his services come at a price – in this case lunch at one of the city’s newest (and most expensive) seafood restaurants on the seafront.

To cut a long story short, we’ve had a postal strike in Brasil. It lasted three weeks and unknown to the thousands of postmen and women protesting on the streets of Rio and Sao Paulo, its effects have been felt among the smart sets of London, LA, Paris and New York.

Fortunately, my man hooked me up with a new deal and now, thanks to just one hefty lunch bill, we’ll be shipping in just 5 to 7 days.

If you still haven’t heard of Escova Progressiva, by the way, you can find out more about this sensational Keratin conditioner that really does straighten your hair and leave it in fantastic condition, you can learn more by following this link to our site.

Until next time…

I’m off to the beach again. xxx


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