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Caring for your hair after Keratin Straightening

Products like the new QuraVit range from BioExtatus have been developed specifically for hair that has been treated with Keratin products like Escova Progressiva

Products like the new QuraVit range from BioExtatus have been developed specifically for hair that has been treated with Keratin products like Escova Progressiva

Using the new breed of chemical hair straighteners may produce fabulous results, but their application is just the first step.

There are plenty of Keratin enriched products coming on to the market which don’t just make your hair more receptive to products like Escova Progressiva, they also help prolong the fantastic results and keep your hair smooth and straight as well as preventing it drying out.

There’s no shortage of fine new products being released in Brazil, like the new QueraVit range made by natural beauty experts BioExtratus. Using ingredients like Pomegranate, Chocolate, Cocoa and Coffee, these shampoos, conditioners and masks work to protect against the damaging effects of things like sunlight, salt and pollution.

Typically post Keratin shampoos continue adding to elasticity and durability, protecting the hair and sealing damaged strands. This makes shampoos like QueraVit Pos ideal for other, harsher straightening treatments which can dry out the hair giving the familiar straw like appearance associated with products like, well it would be wrong to name names, but I’m sure you’ll know if you’ve tried them.

Some post keratin shampoos are designed for frequent use on a daily basis, delivering small amounts of nourishment, while others which are intended only for weekly use, provide a larger dose and it’s these that work best if your hair is dry, brittle and damaged.

All post Keratin shampoos will really help if your hair has been subjected to years of abuse, whether it’s through straightening, colouring or bleaching. (If you worry your hair is thinning from all the damage these come highly recommended)

Post keratin conditioners, on the other hand, have been developed to protect your hair and retain the effects of thr treatments you use. Most work in the same way as QueraVit’s Emulcao Condicionar, loading hair with an infusion of Keratin to seal and hydrate, preveting tangle.

These Keratin conditioning products are made for occasional use and deliver spectacular results, unravelling and moisturising. Using a Finalising conditioner, on the day you wash off Keratin straighteners like Escova Progressiva, is ideal for anyine who is exposed to sunlight on a regular basis, love swimming or will be exposed to excess humidity. (Perfect if you going on holiday, visit the gym every day or work outside)

QueraVit’s Finalizador is enriched with Macadamia and Vitamin B5 to fend off damaging UV rays and airborne salts and grime. Makes hair easy to control and works well on any kind of hair prior to using electric straighteners, guaranteeing shine and resistance.

And there are other Keratin products too…

Finishing oils, masks and rinses work in much the same way, and coat your hair with an invisible layer of Keratin that isn’t greasy, doesn’t smell and adds shine to treated hair, giving a glossy polished finish.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have about QueraVit keratin treatments like the ones I’ve just mentioned, or any others you may have discovered.

Just let me know. Until then, I’ll be by the beach…



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