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The Truth about Formaldehyde in Brazilian Hair Straightener

OK. Straight to the point. In this rant I’m gonna be sounding off and giving you the skinny on Formaldehyde in Brazilian Keratin Hair Straighteners. So here I go.

The bottom line is, all the hair big European & American companies are desperate to get products this good on the market themselves, but because it’s taking them so long to get right, and the stuff they’re producing is so darned lousy, it’s in their interest to spread this rumour and keep the good stuff out, while expecting us to buy second rate keratin products that just don’t do what they claim.

How do I know? Well I have two good reasons which back up what I say.

Fistly, consider this. In Brazil, the place where keratin hair straightener originally comes from, the use of Formaldehyde was outlawed in hair products more than three years ago. Now you may think of Brazil as a developing country, or third world or whatever, but as somebody who spends a lot of time here, I can tell you that it has a very organised and efficient infrastructure. The companies who make hair products here are not back street chemists filling bottles with poison, they’re well run multi national companies selling huge quantities of conditioners, shampoos, masks and more potions and serums than you could possibly imagine (believe me).

Companies like Niasi, who make Brazil’s most popular salon-quality Keratin hair straightener Zene Escova Progress, aren’t in the business of poisoning people. They’re one of the largest firms in South America and their hair products are used by every woman who can afford them here. The outrage would be financial suicide for them. As it goes, Niasi’s hair straightening products are actually at the forefront of the latest straightening techniques and you’re more likely to find rare coffee extracts in their hair straightener, than harmful chemicals…

Now, unfortunately, countries like the USA have no such prohibition on the use of Formaldehyde. In America you can put pretty much what you like in a hair straightener and sell it without telling a soul what it contains. Now, I’m not really having a dig at the States here, it’s just that when you look around (and I have looked around, trust me) you see that most of these Formaldehyde stories begin life in America.

Which brings me to my next point. Without exception Formaldehyde scare stories only ever get written by professional hair and beauty journalists. Don’t believe me? Try typing ‘Formaldehyde, Keratin hair’ into Google and see what you get. Not too many user reviews, blogs or unbiased websites produce these stories.

Almost wothout exception the scary articles come from well known fashionistas on the freebie roll of the big beauty companies. You certainly won’t find too many bloggers telling their readers to lay off  the Keratin. And if there really was a problem wouldn’t you be hearing about it from Brazil? With 150 million online and more than 200,00 hair and beauty sites or blogs in the country, you might expect a couple of them to have picked up on it by now. The same goes for the hundreds of magazines aimed at trendy young women. Don’t you think one brave editor, or ambitious young hack, would have exposed Brazil’s secret plot to kill off woman-kind with deadly chemicals.

The truth is, over here we love our Keratin Hair Straightener and we’ll happily keep secrets like Escova Progressiva to ourselves if you’re not smart enough to see thru the hype.

Sorry if I bored any of you with this post, but I think it’s an important point that hair professionals and anyone who wants to have straight hair, will have been interested in.

I’m heading to Brazil’s chicest beach paradise for a long weekend, so expect something a little more fabulous next time…

Ciao xxx


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