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Maxx out your Keratin hair straightening treatment…

OK to prove I’m not just trying to sell stuff here, I’m going to divulge my own personal secret to getting really excellent results from using Keratin hair straightener at home, without buying some of the specialist clarifying shampoos I sell on the site.

The secret? It’s baby simple, quite literally. You see instead of paying out heaps for a shampoo that deep cleanses your hair, and clears out nasty stuff like city grime – all without the addition of sodium chloride and residual foaming agents.

(Stop me if I’m getting too technical. Or maybe let me know if you want me to be more technical, I know my stuff here )

Anyway, long and the short of it. When you’re using a product like Zene Escova Progress (which of course I would mention, as it’s the one I sell. But it’s also by far the best – really) and you need to get your hair as clean as possible without the usual chemical tricks that shampoos usually employ…

Go for a baby shampoo! Yep, a baby shampoo. The best is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Gentle, kind, non-foaming and sodium-free. Best of all, it’s about a quarter of the price of  the stuff I sell on the site. (which is excellent by the way, and 100% natural)

We’ve also heard of customers using other baby shampoos, but we think Johnson’s is probably your best bet. Unfortunately, we’re yet to find any products as good for using on your hair once its been treated with any chemical hair straightener than the rest of our Keratin Care Products which you can find by following that link you just passed.

So there’s my first post, I do hope it was of some use, to someone somewhere, and that also I wasn’t too heavy on the sales crap… Let me know if you found the blatant plugs too much. I’ll happily pull them, but you never know, somebody actually may want to buy Escova Progressiva.

Ciao for Now, BrazFab


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